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Our method

Language courses

The content of all our language courses follows the same structure, developed by the CLL, to allow you maximum progress.


Méthodologie cours de langues CLL

1. Placement test

Before the course begins, we invite you to take an online placement test*. The result of this test will allow us to place you in a suitable group.

2. Course content

Our courses focus on your specific needs and these are integrated into each program. Our main objective is to help you communicate with confidence in real life situations (professional, private, social, academic,...).

While our classes are more focused on speaking and listening, you also have the opportunity to practice reading and writing to gain an overall understanding of the language and make sure you reach your full potential.

General, professional and cultural themes are addressed according to the needs of the group.

3. Evaluation of progress

During your training, we help you measure the evolution of your skills by providing you with ongoing feedback on your progress (formative evaluation).

At the end of each full CEFR level, we will offer you a final assessment allowing you to situate yourself on the European scale.

At the end of the training, we help you to continue your progression by giving you advice and references for self-learning and practice.

* In-class test during the first course for the following languages: Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese


Conversation clubs and workshops

Methodology of CLL workshops and conversation clubs

Complete your training with Conversation clubs for more oral ease.

Participating actively in our Conversation Clubs will quickly lead you to concrete results: greater confidence in the language, better fluency and an expanded vocabulary.

Or choose one of our thematic seminars to improve specific skills.

Linguistics workshops

Improving a specific language skill can be interesting if you really want to deepen your knowledge of a language by working on particular aspects, such as pronunciation or grammatical approach for example.

Business language workshops

Develop your communicative skills in a professional environment thanks to these seminars which will enable you to acquire vocabulary and expressions specific to the topics treated.

Language & culture workshops

These workshops will help you discover the interesting aspects of the natural interaction between language and culture, through cultural visits allowing you to experience the language on a daily basis.

Business survival kit workshops

Prepare your first commercial meetings smoothly in Brazil, China, Japan, Arab countries or Russia.