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Language courses for adults

Our world is in all languages. To understand it and to live it fully, you have to be able to decode it. Mastering languages means having access to information and knowledge.

Find below an overview of our language courses at CLL, official exams and language stays.

Summer courses (July-September 2018)

During the summer, the CLL offers a variety of training courses in rhythm and content that have in common the CLL's pedagogical approach: audacity, self-confidence, pleasure and curiosity!


Summer packages

Manage your week the way you want! We offer three courses, to combine according to your objectives and availability, to create your personal program.

☼ Package 1

Summer Intensive + e-learning platform.

Morning classes, Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 hours.


☺︎ Package 2

Summer Intensive + Individual Coaching + e-learning platform.

Courses during the day, Monday to Thursday from 9 to 16 hours and Friday from 9 to 13 hours.


♔ Package 3

Summer Intensive + Conversation workshop + e-learning platform.

Courses during the day, Monday to Thursday from 9 to 16 hours and Friday from 9 to 13 hours.


Group courses

☼ Summer Intensive

NEW Choose this course if you want to progress as quickly as possible because you need to use the language in the near future. You are ready to free yourself in a short period of time.


☽ Summer Evening

NEW If you wish to progress quickly while continuing other activities, opt for this intensive evening course, compatible with your professional activity.


☺︎ Conversation workshop

NEW Improve your oral expression by speaking on topics selected by the group.



✎ Academic support

NEW If you want to prepare for language exams at university or in higher education and give yourself maximum chances to succeed.



✈ "Magellan" Programme

NEW This programme combining intensive French courses and cultural activities is aimed at students coming to study in French-speaking Belgium.


✈ "Alizé" Programme

NEW This program is aimed at people who want to improve their communication in French, while discovering the French-speaking Belgian culture.



♚ Individual coaching

NEW Use a private coach to progress quickly and effectively, to address specific topics or to work on a particular skill.

Language study Abroad

Would you like to immerse yourself in a big linguistic bath? Discover another culture? Learning or perfecting Dutch in Flanders, English in Ireland, Great Britain or Canada is easy with CLL!