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Let's talk efficiency !

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Morning Intensive


A programme for quick, remarkable progress. In two weeks, you will notice substantial progress and in four weeks you will be able to go up a sub-level!


  • Duration : 2 weeks
  • Schedule : morning
  • Languages : NA
  • Locations : NA
  • Frequency : 5 times per week
  • Amount of hours : 30
  • Amount of hours per week : 15

group size

5 to 10


A1 - A2 - B1 - B2

Your aims

Would you like to make progress really rapidly because you need to use the language in the near future and are ready to make yourself available for a short period of time? Our intensive course help you to rapidly activate your fluency in oral communication and so enhance your efficiency in your daily activities. The key objective is for you to gain the confidence to "dare speak" in your real-life situations (at work, at home, at school, ...).


Teaching approach

To ensure that you will be able to communicate with confidence and efficiency in your everyday life situations, we offer you:

  • An environment to put you at ease so you are no longer afraid to use the studied language in your daily life.
  • A methode focussing on listening and speaking to optimize your interaction with the others in your group.
  • An approach were communication is the top priority.
  • Topics and activities adapter to your needs and interests.

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