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Conversation table


Practise the language in a convivial way by discussing the topics in the news of interest to you. These sessions will be led by a trainer who will ensure you speak a maximum and correct you if necessary.


  • Duration : 2 months
  • Schedule : morning, evening
  • Languages : NA
  • Locations : NA
  • Frequency : 1 day per week
  • Amount of hours : 10 or 15 hours
  • Amount of hours per week : 1 or 1,5 hour

group size

5 to 8


B1 - B2 - C1

Your aims

Would you like to practise a language that you have already learned but feel a bir "rusty" in? In that case, our Conversation Tables are just what you need.

Teaching approach

An opportunity to exchange and get oral practice, under the supervision of a trainer who brings topical news subjects to each session to launch your conversation and help you progress.

Active participation in conversation tables rapidly brings you concrete results: far greater ease and fluency, less hesitation and improved flow as well as a wider range of vocabulary.

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