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CLL training solutions

Professional – Multiple – Flexible

All our courses aim to improve the linguistic aptitude of our participants in their professional lives.

Our many training solutions were created on the basis of our experience in dealing with companies. They can, of course, be adapted to the specific nature of your own company and its goals as well as to the needs of the participants.

Language services

Getting an effective language course up and running means correctly analysing the professional context in which the language needs to be used and the initial level of language which each learner has at his disposal.

The CLL Business teams have developed two highly effective language services to help training managers to plan programmes of language courses which help the company to reach its strategic objectives.

  • Online Language Testing
  • Outsourcing
  • L-Management

Intra-company training courses

These training courses are tailor-made for your organisation. Whether we’re talking about standard group courses, specialised group courses, individual courses or immersion courses, everything is designed to meet your needs in liaison with the training manager.

  • Collective tailor-made courses

Inter-company training courses

CLL Language Centres offer your colleagues programmes which have been specially analysed to meet the needs of active professionals who would like to follow a course outside of their company, giving them the chance to share what they are learning and their experience with other professionals.

These programmes include immersion courses, intensive courses in the morning or in the evening, training courses taking place before the working day begins or during the lunch hour, or courses based on a given professional topic area.

  • Progressive
  • Morning/Evening Intensive
  • Easter/Summer Impact
  • Conversation table
  • Writing/Pronunciation/Grammar/Oral Presentation workshop
  • etc.

Personalised language coaching

A personal coaching programme designed to help you reach the best level you can in your professional acitivities.

  • My Personal Language Coach©

Individual training courses

Held in your company or in a CLL Centre, these training sessions can be perfectly adapted to the language needs of each learner as well as his timetable and budget.

  • Individual course
  • Non-residential immersion

Residential immersion courses

We can offer several exclusive programmes for very high quality residential immersion courses in English, held in Great Britain.

  • Business English in Great Britain
  • Executive Residential English Language Programme

Distance learning

You want to optimise the time you devote to training courses but you’re also conscious of the carbon footprint caused by your company’s training programmes. This is why we have developed a set of professional solutions for individual distance learning.

  • Visiagora, a new innovative, online language teaching solution developed by CLL.
  • Telephone/Skype™ courses are organised in 30 minute sessions and are intended for people who want to make a rapid improvement to their oral communication skills.
  • Telephone/Skype courses + e-learning bring together progress in spoken language skills, thanks to telephone courses, with a more structured learning programme on the ALTISSIA® platform.
  • Individual blended learning Group blended learning. ‘Blended’ training courses combine attendance based courses with a distance learning programme on our e-learning platform, helping you balance cost/time effectiveness in the best possible way.