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Your Seven Keys to Success

A Method Proven to Ensure Progress

The CLL offers a dynamic approach based on real life language situations. Ever changing, our array of teaching techniques can be adjusted according to your level, objectives and areas of interest, to allow you to progress and improve your linguistic abilities in the long term.

The CLL applies the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international standard in the field of language learning. Each level is defined on a basis of precise skills in the target language (understanding and using idiomatic expressions, express an opinion on a news item etc.).

Motivation Drives Your Improvement

Everything is done to increase your personal motivation and to feed your desire to learn, which are the primary conditions for success. The CLL’s teaching approach encourages you to become master of your own learning and offers you an ideal framework to let your talents shine.

Ongoing Evaluation

The CLL’s teaching team has developed ongoing evaluation methods, from an assessment of your initial level, identification of your objectives and choosing the best group for you to an assessment of your final level and suggestions for how to continue your learning. Your learning trajectory is always tracked and the data is made meaningful.

Instructors Who Take Their Jobs to Heart

Our highly qualified team of native speaker instructors delivers a professional, face to face teaching experience. They are all excellent communicators, enthusiastic organisers and well tuned educators. Their university education and ongoing further training are guarantees of excellence.

Customised Packages

The CLL is flexible around your profile, including varied lesson packages, duration of teaching at your choice, method adaptation to fit your objectives, group sizes and personalisation of our teaching. Everything is done to offer solutions that suit you.

Intensive Training

Learning a language is not just speaking or understanding it, but also living it, getting to know its culture, understanding its way of thinking and coming into contact with its speakers. It is by the intensity of the training and maximum use of the target language during classes that progress made becomes tangible.

The Pleasure of Learning

A friendly environment in an integral part of CLL’s approach. A warm welcome, a capacity for dialogue and a relaxed atmosphere are also conditions that favour assimilation.