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The Cambridge English tests and exams arrive for the new school year at CLL

Press release from Thursday, September 25th, 2014

CLL, the biggest language school in Belgium, has become a test centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment English certifications.

Thanks to this partnership with Cambridge English, specialist in English certification, CLL continues to reinforce its desire to offer its child and adult clients a complete solution for language learning, integrating the final exam and encouraging the student to become even more active in their own learning.

Cambridge English Exams: a world-renowned passport of excellence

Renowned for their quality, the test and certifications are based specifically on:

  • In-depth evaluations, based on four language skills (expression/comprehension, written and oral) that allow for the achievement of a sustainable certification.
  • Exams based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), the international system for language level comparison.
  • A strict and secured administrative framework to guaranty the level obtained by the certified individual.

« For the student, passing English exams throughout the course of their studies is an essential source of motivation and accountability. The final certification, usually First (B2) or Advanced (C1) are valuable passports to enter a foreign university and for the development of a career (mobility, promotion...) since they are conserved "for life", as opposed to all other tests that are springing up on the market. »

Cécile Loyer, Cambridge English Head of Marketing for Benelux

Each Cambridge English certification is valid internationally as 15,000 high schools, universities, businesses and organizations worldwide accept them. Thus, more than 4.5 million candidates take the exams each year. Cambridge English works in conjunction with governments (notably the Ministry of Education in France) to assemble specific language assessment projects and promote good practice in the learning and teaching of English.

The certification of English language skill levels in Belgium

Up until now, Belgium had but one authorised Cambridge English assessment centre (the British Council), thus creating an under-penetrated market in comparison to neighboring northern France or the Netherlands. Indeed, in the same population, 20 times less exams were passed when the needs and challenges are at least the same, due to the country’s position in the heart of Europe: globalization of careers and studies.

CLL, a newly authorised Cambridge English assessment centre

Cambridge English authorised language assessment centres are independent partners that commit to organizing the Cambridge English exams according to rigorous procedures. Often centres for language learning themselves, they gather candidates from their own school but also from surrounding establishments: schools, universities, technical and trade schools. They provide teachers with all of the recommendations for preparing students; manage enrollment and the organization of the test day (supervisors, oral examiners and compliance with strict and secure testing conditions).

Since its creation by the Université Catholique de Louvain in 1984, CLL offers “tailored” language courses adapted to the entire public and based on a dynamic, oral and interactive approach to language teaching. This method compliments the stance of Cambridge English, whose exams are based on an evaluation of “real life” English language skills.

« With the Cambridge English exams, CLL has enriched its already very complete offer, by allowing each individual to take part in their own learning, to verify the progress made and to benefit from internationally recognized certifications »

Pascale Fabre, Manager of the CLL General Public Department

The Cambridge English testing sessions at CLL

CLL will establish two testing sessions during the year, in January and in June in Brussels Woluwe and in Louvain-la-Neuve. These sessions will be available to registered students of CLL courses and then will be progressively opened to students from neighboring institutions.

The Cambridge English exams offered by CLL:

  • Young Learners (Levels A1 and A2)
  • Key (Level A2)
  • Preliminary (Level B1)
  • First (Level B2)
  • Advanced (Level C1)
  • Proficiency (Level C2)

The price varies from 100€ (Young Learners) to 230 € (Proficiency).

About Cambridge English Language Assessment

Cambridge English Language Assessment is the non-profit department of the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) specialized in the evaluation and the certification of English language skill levels. Cambridge English has 24 offices worldwide, including one for Western Europe in Paris. Each year, 4.5 million candidates take the Cambridge English exams, leading to certifications recognized internationally by over 15,000 schools, universities, employers and government organizations. The certifications offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

Contact and illustrations
  • Contact CLL: Geneviève CONZEN - Cambridge English Co-ordinator - Tel.: +32 (0)81 22 30 95,
  • Press officer: Muriel GILBERT - Metaphore Press & Public Relations - Tel.: +32 (0)2 347 74 52, Mobile: +32 (0)475 412 413,

The Cambridge English and CLL representatives-from left to right: Cely Boussaingault, Manager of Approved Test Center Network and Hervé Marc, Regional Director of Cambridge English; Marc Vandenhaute, CEO, Pascale Fabre, Manager of the CLL General Public Department and Pauline O’Donnell, CLL Pedagogical Co-ordinator.

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