a language

Learn<br> <strong>a language</strong>

Why take a course at the CLL?

For the pleasure of discovery!

CLL offers you the opportunity to discover a language the fun way. We don't wish to impose it on you! You are the leading actor in your learning and our trainers will be your guide. Let one of our trainers show you a new way of looking at the world through the language.

At CLL, discovery is shared.

The effectiveness of the method

Combining structure and flexibility in a harmonious way, CLL's communicative method is constantly reviewed and adapted to your needs. Your programme will be tailored to your level of knowledge, your objectives and your interests.

CLL - Teaching people before teaching languages!

The conviviality of the courses

Conviviality is part of the CLL spirit. From the first moment, we welcome you and listen to you so as to better inform and advise you. During classtime, you will discover that our trainers are also skilled at creating a pleasant, respectful and friendly atmosphere, conducive to learning.

At CLL, there is no effective learning without enjoyment!