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Our 2020-2021 programme for children :


A tailor-made language course according to your child's needs and availability.

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To learn how to build your own robot and control it through programming.

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Why choose CLL?

Beginning to learn a foreign language at a very young age improves a child's ability to learn other languages, to master their mother tongue and to achieve better results in other areas.

Our pedagogy

We focus our teaching on developing the automatisms necessary for oral communication and interaction. We base our training on the understanding and assimilation of vocabulary belonging to the immediate surroundings of children: family, animals, home, school, leisure... This is done in a playful, joyful way and is delivered by professionals trained in the specificities of language teaching to children.

Our formulas

Year-long or term-long courses, either 100% language-based or combined with an activity during the school holidays. Choose the formula that best suits your child (from 2nd-year nursery school children to the 6th year of primary school).