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All face-to-face CLL courses are suspended until April 5th.

All face-to-face CLL courses are suspended until April 5th.

During this period, we can continue to offer you our distance learning courses via the Visiagora platform.
Enrolments remain open for all courses starting after 5 April.

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Courses for Teens at CLL, another way to learn languages

The activities developed by CLL are sometimes recreational, sometimes more academic, but always focussed on the real, primarily oral, needs of the participants.

They also aim to provide positive encounters with the language, beyond focusing on results or academic obligations.

Trainers unlike any others

We don’t have one single type of trainer. We have a variety!

All our trainers receive initial training and they all regularly keep their knowledge up-to-date. However, they have their own personality and character. That is what makes our courses so rich.

At CLL, the trainers are like the students: different.

Participation-based learning

Small groups are a core element of our participation-based learning. They allow for maximum speaking opportunities, which guarantees the development of fluent oral communication.

They also allow each participant to receive more extensive, dedicated attention during theoretical language sessions.

Giving young people the means to be the creators of their own learning experience

The communicative approach of our Teens courses allows the participants to quickly move on from being a passive learner to a true player in their own learning.

We want to guide them towards building their own learning space outside of the classroom, integrating CLL’s courses, of course, but also all of the elements of their linguistic environment (school lessons, reading, videos, social networks, etc.).

It’s through this personal learning experience that the acquisition of a foreign language will be maximised.