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Language classes in your school

Le CLL organise aussi des cours de langues dans les écoles primaires et secondaires

You are the head teacher of a school, a member of an organising body or parent of a pupil and you wish to organise language training in your educational establishment?

For several years, the “Kids & Teens” department of CLL has organised classes for children and teenagers in the school environment. Just like classes at our Centres, these training courses are aimed at making participants aware of the language being studied and its culture, developing their wish to learn and making them progress.

Our aim is to have them acquire the phonetic basics of the language, basic communication skills and the vocabulary in situations of their everyday life. All this in a fun and constructive atmosphere!

Our “Kids & Teens” department is made up of a general manager, a co-ordinator of (extra) school classes and a teacher specialising in classes for young people. This team will work with the project manager(s) within the school to analyse the issue that is presented, to set specific objectives for the project, to create a training pathway that suits these objectives, to organise and co-ordinate training and carry out end of session monitoring.

Analysis of the project and setting specific objectives for the training

At the initial meeting between CLL and the project manager, we analyse together the different aspects of the planned training (educational, organisational, logistics). We redefine the general aims of our training according to the specific objectives determined during this analysis phase.

Creating the training pathway

The teaching objectives and organisational context now established, the CLL “Kids & Teens” teaching manager establishes a “training pathway” covering, for each audience, the material that is to be seen during training, and its allocation according to the planned class sessions.

Organisation and co-ordination of the programme

Throughout the training session, you are in permanent contact with our “Kids & Teens” managers: the co-ordinator of (extra) school classes manages the logistical organisation of the training programmes while the “Kids & Teens” teaching manager takes care of monitoring the trainers and keeps an eye on the quality of the classes.

Contact us

Contact us for an individual analysis of your language training project. Our specialist team will meet you to set up a programme together, suited to your needs.

Further information available from the Kids & Teens department:

  • Nicolas Charlot : - 010 47 06 25
  • Valérie Blondin : - 010 47 06 06

Language classes in your school