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Our method

Courses for Children

As with mother tongue acquisition, we focus language learning on the automatisms developed in situations of communication and interaction.

The most important for children is the acquisition of the phonetic system (perception and pronunciation of new sounds) and the creation of automatisms in familiar contexts.

Our oral and playful approach is based on understanding and assimilating a vocabulary belonging to the world of children: family, animals, colours, home, school, leisure...

Depending on the age and ability of the children, reading comprehension and writing are gradually and naturally introduced into our programs.


Courses for Teens

The communicative approach developed for adolescent training enables participants to quickly move from the status of "passive" learner to that of real actor in their training.

Small groups are an essential aspect of this participatory pedagogy. They allow for maximum speaking, guaranteeing the development of oral communicative fluency in situations of interaction. They also make it possible, in some programmes, to devote more detailed attention to each participant during the work phases on language theory.

It is from this constant, structured and supervised practice that real progress will be born.