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Answers to Some of Your Questions

How are partner language schools selected?

CLL’s partner schools are carefully chosen for the intensive language programmes. They are staffed by a small percentage of native French speakers, which allows for total immersion in the target language!

The schools put the learner at the centre of their attention: the organisation itself and welcome provided are both friendly and there is a high degree of attention paid to each student.

Courses are given in small groups with an interactive, oral approach, aiming for rapid progression by means of interesting and stimulating lessons. The small group sizes allow for personalised contact with native speaker teachers who are trained and experienced in teaching languages to foreign students. They are personally involved in your progress.

Social and cultural excursions at the weekend immerse the participant 100% in the target language. Each school offers a varied programme of activities, allowing students to discover the language through the richness of its culture and its traditions.

Our partner schools welcome participants from all over the world, meaning a good mix of nationalities. Multicultural encounters and openness to others hugely encourages students’ linguistic development!

Specifically for Children and Teenagers

The CLL chooses its schools with care, guaranteeing:

  • a safe and secure environment;
  • 24/7 surveillance;
  • a profession staff body that is large enough for a personalised framework;
  • full or half board and comfortable lodgings (host family or residence);
  • healthy and varied meals (special menu upon request in certain schools);
  • sports facilities (tennis courts, swimming pool, gym etc.);
  • IT and multimedia rooms.

What are the different types of language course offered?

Classes for the majority of our language residentials are intensive or semi intensive group courses of 10 to 15 participants maximum (fewer for younger students). A level assessment test in the target language is conducted by the partner school, either before your start date or on site during your first day of the course, so as to place you in the most appropriate group for your level.

In some cases, the partner school offers individual course packages and/or home tuition (see below). Details of these options are provided in the destination descriptions.

What is home tuition?

It is a programme in which the student takes private courses at a rate of 15 or 20 hours per week and stays at the teacher’s home, full board. Outside of lessons, you take part in the everyday life of your host family as well as activities and excursions offered by your teacher: the best way to practise the language in real life!

What are the possibilities of living in?

Depending on the location, you are offered various housing options:

  • host family: families are carefully chosen by our partner school. This package is ideal, for students of all ages, for it allows total cultural immersion and effective progress and means a warm and friendly welcome;
  • student accommodation: a package more suited to 18 to 25 year olds; an individual room and shared facilities;
  • apartment or studio: small, fully equipped spaces for those who prefer to have their independence;
  • home tuition at the teacher’s house: private lessons and total linguistic and cultural immersion with a native, local teacher.

Some locations offer accommodation in a hostel, youth hostel or guest house.

What is the average age of participants?

We offer language residentials for adults from 18 years (see adult destination). In the summer, the majority of participants are between 18 and 25 years old.

Our residential immersions are aimed at young people from 8 to 19 years old, divided into groups by age and ability (see child and teenager destinations).

What is the duration of a language stay?

Depending on the location, you can stay for a minimum duration of 1 to 4 weeks (short term stays) or from 1 month to 1 year (long term stays).

How do I enrol?

As an organisation concerned with your learning, we encourage you to sign up as early as possible! Contact us for a quote and in order to enrol.

Once your enrollment has been validated, the CLL makes contact with the partner school and confirmation is sent to you by email. The invoice (in euros) is sent to you by email and post. It is payable within 15 days, taking into account the exchange rate. If your stay commences before these 15 days are over, the bill ought to be paid upon receipt.

Several payment methods are possible:

  • by bank transfer (Account Number: CLL 271-0618277-31, IBAN: BE04 2710 6182 7731 and BIC: GEBABEBB);
  • in cash or by Bancontact in the reception of one of our CLL centres (Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Namur or Woluwe).

Upon receipt of payment, the CLL will send you practical information concerning your language stay. Accommodation details are provided one or two weeks before the start date.

What does the price of the stay include?

The prices listed usually include:

  • the language course;
  • teaching material;
  • accommodation;
  • administration fees.

A precise list of other included or optional charges (meals, activities) is provided in each location description.

The prices listed do not usually include:

  • travel to the destination (the closest airport to each location is indicated in the description of each school);
  • airport transfers (transfers to the airport are generally offered by our partner schools and are to be reserved when enrolling at an extra cost);
  • travel and cancellation insurance.

We advise you not to make travel arrangements before having received confirmation of your enrolment in the language course and of your accommodation!

The prices mentioned on this site and in our brochures are valid for a stay during 2014 and are given in euros. They may change in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of enrollment. These amounts are increased by 5 to 15 euros in bank charges, depending on the location.

Is it possible to get travel insurance?

All participants in CLL language residentials are obliged to take out travel insurance that covers medical costs and medical assistance (repatriation). If you do not have this insurance, the CLL may offer you comprehensive insurance at a price of 90 euros for a stay of maximum six months, increased by 15 euros for each supplementary month. Insurance must be taken out at the time of enrollment in and payment for the stay. The terms and conditions of this insurance are available upon request.

Is it possible to get cancellation insurance?

The CLL suggests taking out complementary cancellation insurance covering, particularly, cancellations caused by illness, accident or death (including of a relative in the wider family) and for damages or other summons. This insurance is provided by the l'Européenne company (terms and conditions available upon request). Price: 4.5% of the total amount of the stay (subject to change without prior warning by the insurance company). Insurance ought to be taken out at the time of enrollment in and payment for the course.

Visas and passports

Be sure to pay attention to the different documents needed for your trip. To find out which documents you need for foreign travel, don’t hesitate to contact us. Carry a photocopy of your identity documents with you at all times.