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CLL Language Study Abroad

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Student and adult language courses Language stays for children and teenagers


Language stays for students and adults

We have chosen to focus on English, Dutch and Spanish because we want to offer you partners who deliver impeccable learning and organisational quality.

We have selected destinations that are easy to reach in order to be able to offer you short stays, our speciality.

  • intensive English in Great Britain
  • "home tuition" in Great Britain
  • Business English in Great Britain
  • intensive English in Ireland
  • intensive English in Malta NEW
  • intensive English in Canada
  • intensive Spanish in Spain
  • intensive Dutch in Belgium
  • intensive Dutch in the Netherlands


Language stays for kids and teens

While English, French and Dutch are obvious, we do not forget that Spanish and German are important languages that open up real opportunities!

We are offering you six new destinations that complete our offer of training courses near or far.

  • allemand intensif en Belgique
  • German + activities in Switzerland NEW
  • intensive English in Belgium
  • "home tuition" in Great Britain
  • English + activities in Great Britain NEW
  • intensive English in Great Britain
  • English + intensive activities in Great Britain
  • English + activities in Malta NEW
  • "Adventure Camp" in English in Switzerland NEW
  • English + activities in Canada NEW
  • Spanish + activities in Spain
  • intensive French in France (Côte d'Azur)
  • intensive Dutch in Belgium
  • Dutch + activities in Belgium
  • Dutch + activities in the Netherlands

Book your language stay

If you would like more information or a personal appointment, do not hesitate to contact our advisor, Nicolas Charlot:

  • 010 47 06 25