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Concrete Financial Advantages for You

As proof of the quality of its professionalism, the CLL Business is a training operator accredited by various institutions. Subject to the approval of your case, you will benefit from it directly through advantages concerning the funding of your collaborators’ training.

In Wallonia: "chèques-formation"

What Are They?

“Chèques-formation” serve as payment for one hour of training conducted by an organisation recognised by the Wallonia Region. The voucher is purchased for €15 per item by the business, but has a face value of €30, or, a subsidy of €15 for each hour of training. A business can purchase from 100 to 800 vouchers per calendar year.

Who Can Benefit from “chèques-formation”?

Any natural or legal entity in the form of a commercial company and any economic interest grouping, any self employed person in a primary or secondary role as well as spouses may benefit from them in certain conditions: having a main seat of activities located in Wallonia with a maximum of 250 employees and directors.

Who Are the Vouchers for?

All accredited training is accessible to employees, temporary staff and self employed people. Those who are on the "Plan Formation Insertion" (PFI), students, apprentices and company interns are not eligible.

Who Insures Training?

This system only works with training organisations accredited by the Region of Wallonia. The CLL is accredited for all of its centres.

How Do I Know If I Fulfill the Conditions to Benefit from These Vouchers?

Contact the FOREM Conseil, by email or telephone at 0800 93 947. After you have checked whether you meet the criteria for subsidies from the Wallonia Region, the FOREM will pass on your enrollment to the Sodexo company, which will then distribute vouchers.

In Brussels: Training Aids

The CLL is a training provider accredited by the Bruxelles-Capitale Region within the framework of its competition agreement of 50% of SME training costs.

What Are They?

Would following a language training programme help you to improve the functioning and competitivity of your business? Whether it is for yourself or your staff, you can ask for assistance if the cost of this training amounts to at least €1,000.

  • Percentage of assistance: 50% of training cost.
  • Minimum amount of assistance: €500 / training programme.
  • Maximum amount of assistance: €5,000 / training programme.
  • Maximum frequency of training aids: three training programmes / calendar year.

Who Can Benefit from These Subsidies?

You can request assistance from the Bruxelles-Capitale Region as an individual or a company on the condition that you have an operating headquarters in one of the 19 communes of the Bruxelles-Capitale Region (or plan to have one).

What Is the Protocol for Issuing a Request?

A request is issued preferably before the start of training or, at the latest, 30 days after its start. Documents to be included are:

  • the standard request form;
  • a copy of your offer or training enrollment invoice;
  • a list of CLL references as well as our promotional brochure;
  • a document detailing the totality of financial aid received by your business over the past three financial years.

The form, with accompanying appendices, must be sent by mail to: Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Administration de l'Economie et de l'Emploi, Direction des Aides aux entreprises, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 20 à 1035 Bruxelles, Belgium.

How Is Financial Assistance Paid?

You will request the payment of the premium when the training has been delivered by providing the following pieces of evidence for the authentication of the premium amount:

  • a copy of the invoice and of proof of payment for the training (a photocopy of a bank statement);
  • an evaluation report explaining the interest and degree of satisfaction with the training.

These pieces of evidence are to be issued by your case’s administrator to Business Assistance management. You will receive a message with details of the premium’s value as well as a declaration of debt to be completed and send to Accounting management.

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In Flanders: "De KMO-portefeuille"

Within the framework of de KMO-portefeuille’s provision, SMEs and the self employed in the Flamande Region may benefit from financial support of 50% of the amount invested in training, limited to €2,500 per year.

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