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All face-to-face CLL courses are suspended until April 17th.

All face-to-face CLL courses are suspended until April 17th.

During this period, we can continue to offer you our distance learning courses via the Visiagora platform.
Enrolments remain open for all courses starting after 17 April.

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Our approach has been innovative for 35 years

For 35 years, our goal has been to engage children into naturally developing a fondness for the language in order to gradually bring them to consider it as a natural way of communicating.

Same process as acquiring a native language

We focus on the acquisition of natural language that is developed in situations of communication and oral interactions – just like when one is learning their native language.
Indeed, acquiring a phonetic system (perception and pronunciation of new sounds) and creating automatic responses in simple and familiar contexts are important for children from a very early age.

An oral, fun and dynamic approach

We base our trainings on understanding and assimilating the vocabulary belonging to a child’s world: family, animals, the house, school, and games. This is done in a playful way with the use of, for example, nursery rhymes, games, mimes, crafts or songs in order to ensure that the child learns “without being conscious of it”.
As his or her learning journey progresses, the child will expand his or her range of competences, especially towards an ability to read. This development happens in a progressive and natural way in our programs, from the 3rd grade of primary school.

A child listener, spectator but also, actor

All our training content follows the “Learning by doing” approach. In this perspective, the child is not only a listener or spectator but also becomes an actor in his or her own learning journey. It is a learning process that further expands his or her knowledge while being completely integrated in the environment of his or her class.
Our support materials evolve depending on the child’s age. For young children, we have a mascot named SMART the Martian. He comes in to help them project themselves into the story of their class. For the older ones, we use online tools to help enliven their journey in an interactive way.