CLL, partner school for chèques-langues “Projet Professionnel - Transitions vers l’emploi” from Actiris

Thanks to Chèques-langues Projet Professionnel, you can benefit from a specific language training course that allows you:

  • either to acquire a practical knowledge of your second or third language;
  • or to improve your language skills in French, Dutch or English.

The initiative allows you to take 60 hours of group lessons in Dutch or English (min. three and max. six participants per group).

The courses are held in CLL’s premises in Brussels (near the Crainhem metro stop in Woluwe-St-Lambert).

Le CLL est partenaire d'Actiris


What is the function of these Chèques-Langues?

These language training courses are specifically directed at everything that could be useful to you as a job seeker:

  • preparing for a job interview,
  • writing a cover letter or a CV,
  • preparing for a language exam,
  • etc.


Who can benefit from Chèques-Langues?

To benefit from the courses offered as part of the Chèques-Langues Projet Professionnel - Transition Vers L’Emploi initiative, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

1. You have achieved max. 60%/B1 in the Actiris language test (see below).

2. You correspond to one of the following profiles:

  • Job seeker under 30 years old, submitted as part of a Plan d’Action Individualisé (Individual Action Plan);
  • Job seeker whose highest level of education is the CESS (secondary school);
  • Job seeker who completed a degree abroad;
  • Job seeker whom Actiris finds has a need for specific training.


How do you enrol?

1. Firstly, you have to take a test in one of Actiris’ Espace-Langues [Language-Spaces].


If you have not yet taken your test, make an appointment (02 505 11 97 - in one of Actiris’ Espace-Langues to take a full language test in your chosen language. The test result and your profile will determine your type of Chèques-Languages Projet Professionnel. Check with your adviser.

2. Once that has been done, the adviser will direct you to CLL with whom you will take your training course.

3. Go to the reception at CLL Brussels with your chèque langue and the results of your Actiris test. We will enrol you in the next available course.

4. We hold an oral test in the target language.

5. One week before the start of the course, we will confirm your appointment.


What happens during your training?

1. You start your training, comprising 60 hours of lessons, in a small group of three to six people.

2. During the training, the teacher will, as far as possible, take into account your professional perspective and aim to improve your oral language skills in the language of the training.

3. The trainer will ask you to sign an attendance list every lesson.

4. At the end of the training, the trainer is obliged to give you an evaluation form detailing the progress achieved during the training, your new language level and the approaches that you could take to continue to improve your level.

5. When you have completely finished the language training, you will be entitled once again to a new Chèque langues which must be presented to Actiris in order to take a second module of 60 hours.

6. At the end of the training module, the trainer should offer you at least one opportunity to evaluate the quality of the lessons.

Additional info on the Actiris website.