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Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the language courses?


Our main purpose is to encourage our kids to adopt the language thanks to a pedagogy based on the repetition and the sound acquisition (songs, games…). We lay a special emphasis on the use of the vocabulary and small themes sentences that are related to their own universes and according to their own level.


We focus on the development of the language level of the participant. That means the improvement of the oral expression level, as well as of the listening comprehension, and also and specifically, of the writing skills. In order to achieve that, we consider the entry level of the participants and the objectives enounced by all of them at the start of the training session.

Will my kid be back with written exercises and grammar summaries?

At this stage, the most important aspect remains the acquisition of the phonetic basics (perception and pronunciation of new sounds) and the creation of automatisms in familiar contexts. Nevertheless, it is crystal-clear that according the age and the skills of the kids, the reading comprehension and the writing skills develop themselves progressively and naturally. A course booklet/diary that gathers all those elements will be given to every kid and you will have the opportunity to follow the progress that your kid makes during his/her training period.

My kid has already attended a training session at the CLL. Is it worth to subscribe again?

Yes because we always adapt the content of our courses to our participant’s personality and level. Moreover, developing language skills depends on the review of the passive knowledge (exactly as for the acquisition of the native language) added to the learning of new matters.

How many persons does count a learning group?

In order to implement all our interactive learning approach, the language groups count 6 to 9 participants (except the school skill-based group: from 4 to 6). The amount of participants to the training sessions Languages + Activity varies in function of the activity.

What’s the difference between an intensive training session and the school skills-based program dedicated to teenagers?

The Intensive Challenge programme consists of grammar, lexical and phonetics objectives, via selected activities on bases of the level and interests of the participants.

The school skill-based programme is based on a full analysis of the weaknesses of the participants in connection with the skills base requested in their school year. The purpose is clearly the achievement of an exam or the remediation of important difficulties in the target-language.

Do the trainers teach their native languages?

Yes, more than 80% of our trainers teach their native language. The others are selected on the basis of their skills and experiences (long stay in the country where the language is spoken, linguistic environments, academic and teaching experience of that language…).

How do you guarantee the quality of the language courses?

The quality of our training sessions is validated / guaranteed by our pedagogical Department and by our very high criteria that we impose when selecting our trainers. We indeed promote the trainers who benefit from a higher education and who are experienced in teaching juniors.

Why are your training session sometimes more expensive than those delivered by other organisations?

Three elements are part of the price of a training session:

  • First of all, the trainers: at CLL, we hire graduated professionals and discard students.
  • Secondly, the amount of effective hours: we propose effective hours of 60 minutes and not sittings or lessons that generally last 45 minutes.
  • Finally, the content of the training session: every teaching hour corresponds to an effective content (we, for example, do not gather the participants that have a different level when going on a trip) and each partner is a professional and very organized expert.

Which one is the language used during the training session?

During the training session our trainers only use the taught language to communicate with the participants. According to us, we must absolutely avoid the mother language as intermediary step in order to durably acquire a foreign language.

The training sessions Languages + Activities are always organized in French.

Who is the contact-person regarding the content and the working process of the training sessions?

Do not hesitate to contact our advisors in our different centers. For every question related to the quality of the training, you can also send an email to