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CLL Business, a true partner for business, offers effective tools for logistics and administrative management of training courses, ranging from consulting to complete outsourcing of your training plans.

CLL’s E-Reporting Platform

CLL’s E-Reporting Platform

L-Management is a unique online platform that allows training managers to monitor all the data relating to the training of its staff online.

Simple and effective, this platform allows a rapid exchange of information, a constant provision of data relating to training courses and the accelerated management of administrative aspects linked to training courses.

This e-reporting platform is made of three parts:

  • An administrative part enabling data relating to training courses and their logistic, administrative and financial management to be constantly updated.
  • The management part for current training courses: broken down by groups, timetables of the training courses, attendance lists by course, content of the training courses. The search filters allow you to select data and export the results as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.
  • At the end of the training, each learner is provided with a final report containing the result of the placement test, the attendance report, the final evaluation report and advice for continuing the training.

CLL’s Outsourcing Services

CLL’s Outsourcing Services

Do you want to outsource the organisation of your language training courses and entrust us with completely organising your training plans in order to allow you to free up your internal resources and to be better able to control your overall budget?

To respond to this need, CLL has created “L-Services”, an outsourcing module, which is broken down into three activities:

The administrative management of training courses: summary of training plans, encryption of participants’ details, researching financial help, creation and tracking of the internal administrative record, etc.

The administrative and logistics management of registrations to each training module: invitations and reminders, creating groups, reservations and location changes, management of placement of trainers, provision of teaching support, etc.

The management of monitoring the training courses: quality monitoring, evaluations, reports, attendance lists, end of training summary reports, etc.

To make the outsourcing process more efficient, we are able to create a website that is only accessible to your company’s staff, which contains the whole internal catalogue of language training and offers an online registration module respecting the company’s internal procedures (line manager’s approval, for example).

CLL’s virtual work space

CLL’s virtual work space

L-Campus is a virtual work space that allows maximum interaction between the trainers and participants (as well as between participants) to allow the latter to easily access the content of their training.

A virtual work space that allows easy access:

  • to the whole contents of their course programme (training course and resources used during the course sessions);
  • to additional elements that enable the material to be more in-depth: language activities, self-correcting exercises, etc.;
  • to different tasks (individual work) to be completed on or off the platform;
  • to communication tools, both synchronous (chat messaging) and asynchronous (forum) enabling the exchange of information and files (text, PDF, audio, video, etc.) with other members of a work group (class) with the trainer;
  • to a module of synchronous virtual classes;
  • to video lessons (COOC-Corporate Open Online Courses);
  • to the course and activities timetable (exportable to a personal calendar);

L-Campus also offers participants who have missed a course session the opportunity to find, from any computer or tablet, the exact content of the lesson they missed and any individual work or self-learning advice linked to this lesson.

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