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How do I choose a course adapted to my needs?

Choosing a course obviously depends on your objective.

Intensive Courses

The best course if you want to advance as quickly as possible. In two weeks, you will notice significant progress; in four weeks, you can advance to the next sublevel!

Progressive Courses

If you want to advance at your own pace, while continuing with other activities, our progressive courses allow you to do so, whether during the day, evening or at the weekend.

Conversation Clubs

Do you want to practice the language you have learned, but you feel a little ‘rusty’? Then conversation roundtables are for you! They are a place of exchange and oral practice, moderated, of course, by your trainer.

Private Coach

Do you want to work on a particular skill? We would suggest Workshops or Private Courses for you, which you can choose by themselves or in addition to another course.

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