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What can I expect from my child’s language course?

Kids’ Courses

From Year 1 to Year 6 or from about 5 to 11 years old

Our principal objective is to give kids a taste of the language through a teaching technique that is based on repetition and acquiring the sounds of a language (songs, games, etc.). Emphasis is put on the use of vocabulary and small sentences in themes that are relevant to their world, depending on the level at which they find themselves.

Teens’ Courses

From Year 7 to Year 13 or from about 12 to 17 years old

Emphasis is put on the participant progressing with their language level. This includes improving their levels of expression and oral comprehension, but also, particularly in intensive programmes, their level of writing. All of this depends on the starting level of the group’s participants and takes into account the objectives expressed by each participant at the beginning of the training.

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