CLL is in the metro

03 September 2019

If you live or work in Brussels, you may have seen CLL advertisements in the metro or on some STIB buses.

And maybe you're wondering if the CLL didn't "lose it" a little for this September's start... :-)

Don't worry, we're fine, thank you!

We simply wanted to draw your attention to a few expressions that show that a language cannot always be translated and that, therefore, to learn it, you must also understand its cultural codes.

At CLL, we believe that a language is not just words, but also a cultural context that is important to understand, ... and appreciate! This is what we strive to do in all our training!

Here is an explanation of the three messages we are using in September.


To find one's feet = become confident or successful in a particular field or activity.


Simple comme bonjour = très facile, très simple, qui coule de source.


Het is zo klaar als een klontje : het is helemaal duidelijk; iedereen begrijpt het of ziet in dat het zo zit.