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Which formula for your teenager this year?


The aim of our group courses is to offer participants an oral, interactive and dynamic approach to the language, to enable them to gain confidence and enjoy speaking.

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This course is aimed at motivated students who need personalised help to understand, practise, deepen and appreciate the material seen during their school year.

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In individual or group classes, private lessons are aimed at teenagers who have very specific needs and who wish to benefit from the permanent attention of a trainer.

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Discovery of Japanese
and manga culture

The objective of this course is to learn the basics of Japanese and to discover the cultural codes of this language through manga.

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to Chinese

Learning Chinese allows you to become imbued with a different logic of reasoning. Beyond the language, discovering Chinese calligraphy also helps to develop the creative sense.

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Why choose CLL?

The communicative approach of the Teens courses helps learners move quickly from being a ‘passive’ learner to being a real ‘actor’ in his or her training. Beyond the course itself, we want to encourage participants to build their own learning space by bringing elements of their linguistic environment – school work, reading, videos, social networks – into the class.

Our motivation to learn a foreign language is maximised when we learn about things that are meaningful to us as individuals.

The activities developed by CLL combine the playful with the studious but are always oriented towards the real, communicative needs of the participants. To counter the stress of exams and results, a further benefit of our courses is that they bring fun and enjoyment back to learning languages.

Choose one of our many formulas for your teenager. Courses run during term-time, or, in the case of private classes, according to the student’s timetable. They can be 100% language training, homework help or may even be combined with an activity during the school holidays.  Choose the formula that best suits your teenager from 1st to 6th year of secondary school.